South African Health Review 2013/14

Padarath A and English R, editors
Publication Year: 
South Africa
Published by: 
Health Systems Trust
Now an officially accredited peer-reviewed journal that chronicles the development of South Africa’s health system, the South African Health Review offers current, evidence-based insights into the status of integration of policy and implementation in a range of healthcare structures, protocols and processes.
Focusing on good practice, the South African Health Review 2013/14 chapters include: progress and innovations in the three streams of the primary health care re-engineering framework (District Clinical Specialist Teams, Ward-based Outreach Teams, and School Health); challenges in district health management, and at facility level, a pioneering application of the Lean Management model for high-quality cost-effective service delivery; quality improvement supported through the work of the Office of Health Standards Compliance, with the Ideal Clinic initiative in place and the concept of social franchising mooted; advancements and barriers in environmental health and emerging technologies such as eHealth; addressing cervical cancer in South Africa; and a planning perspective on the role of the private health sector in operationalising National Health Insurance.
The Health and Related Indicators chapter is the mainstay of every Review edition, listing key new data sources along with central issues and trends, and providing the latest data covering 10 areas and approximately 100 indicators, ranging from health status to health financing indicators.
All files below are Adobe PDF files and are approximately 1Mb, unless otherwise stated.


Complete SAHR 2013/14 (13.7Mb)

Beginning - Cover, Foreword, Contents and Acknowledgements (1.4Mb)



  1. Health Policy and Legislation
    Andy Gray, Yousuf Vawda
  2. The eHealth Strategy for South Africa 2012-2016: how far are we?
    Thulani Clifford Masilela, Rosemary Foster, Matthew Chetty
  1. Recent developments in ensuring quality of care in health establishments in South Africa
    Winnie Moleko, Elliot Bafana Msibi, Carol Marshall
  2. Innovations in primary health care: considerations for National Health Insurance
    Robert Fryatt, Jeanette Hunter, Precious Matsoso
  3. District Clinical Specialist Teams
    Anna Voce, Rakshika Bhana, Fiorenza Monticelli, Mogalagadi Makua, Yogan Pillay, Gugulethu Ngubane, Shuaib Kauchali
  4. School health in South Africa: reflections on the past and prospects for the future
    Maylene Shung-King, Marsha Orgill, Wiedaad Slemming
  1. Progress in the establishment of Ward-based Outreach Teams: experiences in the North West Province
    Thesandree Padayachee, Natasha Chetty, Muzi Matse, Tumelo Mampe, Helen Schneider
  2. Challenges and constraints at district management level
    Gustaaf Wolvaardt, Suzanne Johnson, David Cameron, Barend Botha, Saul Kornik
  3. National Health Insurance and South Africa’s private sector
    Shivani Ramjee, Tim Vieyra, Matan Abraham, Josh Kaplan, Richard Taylor
  4. Environmental health in South Africa
    Angela Mathee, Caradee Wright
  1. Cervical cancer in South Africa: challenges and opportunities
    Nerisha Tathiah, Indres Moodley, Lynette Denny, Jennifer Moodley, Waasila Jassat
  2. Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in South Africa: challenges and opportunities
    Kaymarlin Govender, Gavin George, Collins Mucheuki, Michael Strauss
  3. Knowing our TB epidemic: key challenges facing the TB Programme in South Africa
    Marian Loveday, Jackie Smith, Candy Day
  1. A review of TB in children and adolescents in South Africa 2008–2012
    Jackie Smith, Sizulu Moyo, Candy Day
  1. The extent and impact of TB drug stock-outs (2Mb)
    Tamlyn Seunanden, Candy Day
  2. Lean Management in the South African public health sector: a case study
    Jessica Price
  1. Health and Related Indicators (8.5Mb)
    Candy Day, Andy Gray