Using stock cards to Improve Drug Management

Gray, Andy
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Kishuna A, Orrell C, Suleman F
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Kwik Skwiz
South Africa
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Health Systems Trust
We all know the consequences of running out of medicines or other essential items: patients who need treatment dont get it, they have to seek help at other facilities (often far away or more expensive), and they lose confidence in the ability of the clinic or hospital in question to meet their needs. It also leads to health care workers becoming demotivated. For this reason, effective stock management systems for drugs are important at all levels of the health care system. All too often there is some control over stock at higher levels of the distribution chain (depots or hospitals) but poor control at lower levels such as at clinics. This lack of control can also result in large financial losses. South Africa spends some R2 billion per year on medicines in the public sector alone, and how much is lost through poor control systems remains unknown at this stage. This Kwik Skwiz will focus on the use of stock cards in drug management.
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