South African Health Review (SAHR)

Since 1995, the South African Health Review (SAHR) has been one of Health Systems Trust’s annual publications, and has long been widely read and viewed as an authoritative and comprehensive resource offering a South African perspective on prevailing local and international public health issues. 
The SAHR provides both current and longer-term analysis and assessment of health policy developments and their implementation in South Africa, and monitors changes and challenges in the provision of equitable and accessible health care in the country.
With effect from January 2014, the SAHR is officially accredited as a peer-reviewed journal, increasing its prestige in South Africa and abroad as a frequently cited reference work and a respected destination for contributors of empirical knowledge in public health. 


Current Issue: South African Health Review 2016

The content of the 19th edition of the South African Health Review (2016) is divided into four sections. The first of these is Leadership and Governance.  Chapter 1 describes the current legislative and policy framework guiding healthcare delivery, and Chapter 2 analyses the challenges that underpin the relatively poor performance of our health system, despite the financial resources directed towards it. Chapters 3 and 4 focus on water and food respectively. The first highlights the need for improved water and health management with greater surveillance of water quality, and the second examines the impact of a diet of highly processed and animal-origin foods with added sugar, salt and fat on the rise of non-communicable diseases in South Africa.