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Public Health Discussion Groups
​HST provides an electronic health information service by hosting electronic discussion forums and mailing lists to facilitate information sharing, communication, and networking around broad and strategic public health issues, locally and internationally.

These lists are intended for constructive development of the health system, and although no attempt is made to control or censor the content of discussion groups, all subscribers should observe internationally accepted list usage guidelines and be aware that most of these lists are moderated to maintain a high quality standard.

Health Systems Trust and the moderators of any of these lists reserve the right to reject any postings considered to be spam, contain inappropriate language, flame other subscribers, or be outside of the stated scope of the list service.

Email Commands
Drug Policy and Practice [druginfo]

DrugInfo is a list to keep health workers at all levels abreast of drug information, developments in drug policy in South Africa and related information such as rational drug prescribing.​

Health & Human Rights [hhrnet]

​This list is hosted by the Health and Human Rights Project. The vision of the Project is the establishment of a culture of human rights in health, in a society where human rights are respected, and where the dialectical relationship between health and human rights is explicitly recognised. In terms of this vision, people would be able to achieve their full potential by knowing, articulating and exercising their human rights. The aim of the HHRNET is to promote communication between individuals and groups who wish to participate in the sharing of information and debates relating to health and human rights.