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SOUTH AFRICAN HEALTH REVIEW 2007 - The Role of the Private Sector within the South African Health System

​The South African Health Review (SAHR) is an annual publication of the Health Systems Trust (HST), which has been published since 1995. The SAHR seeks to provide a South African perspective on prevailing international public health issues, to stimulate debate and critical dialogue and to provide a platform for assessing progress in the health sector.

Download the South African Health Review 2007

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The broad aims of the SAHR are to:

  • provide a comprehensive and independent review of developments in health sector

  • monitor trends and progress in the move towards transformation and equity within health care

  • report on key health status indicators coupled with in-depth analysis of policies and practices impacting on the provision of health services

  • identify and highlight gaps in policy implementation and

  • highlight policy implications and recommendations of research findings.

Of late, the SAHR has been produced on a thematic basis and the theme of the 2007 SAHR is The Role of the Private Sector within the South African Health System.

This edition will focus on broad areas with respect to the role of the private health sector i.e. oversight, pooling of resources and purchasing of health care, delivery of health care services and health and related indicators. Critical issues covered in the 2007 Review include:

  • Assessment of the stewardship role of the government in the overall transformation process of the health sector.

  • Policy and legislative review on the provision and funding of private health care.

  • Review of key elements around the ongoing debate of introducing some form of mandatory health insurance in South Africa.

  • Overview of the medical schemes industry including key debates and proposals on the Risk Equalisation Fund and Low Income Medical Schemes.

  • Review and analysis of health care financing and expenditure as well as recent trends in spending in the public and private health sectors.

  • Overview of health information systems and the role played by intermediaries in facilitating the flow of patient information.

  • Analysis of the health status of the South African workforce and health care provision in the workplace.

  • Analysis and developments in the market and regulatory environment impacting on medicine pricing and access to medicines.

  • Review of the impact of public-private partnerships on access to health care and health outcomes (a provincial case study is presented).

  • Analysis of the private hospital industry with specific focus on structure, ownership and market share per geographical region. The nature of relationships between private hospitals and providers is also reviewed.

  • Research and analysis on cost benefit analyses of traditional and complementary interventions relative to allopathic interventions.

  • Analysis of the private sectors response to HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis.

​The 2007 SAHR was launched on 5 December 2007 in Cape Town.