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Medical Brief2017-04-05
Medical Brief
The University of Pretoria2017-03-14
The University of Pretoria
The New Age2017-03-29
The New Age
Times Live2017-05-18
Times Live
Press Reader2017-03-19
Sunday Times
Times Live2017-03-06
Times Live
South Coast Sun2016-12-16
South Coast Sun
Africa Check2017-11-07
Health Systems Trust
In a publicity campaign, South Africa’s official opposition put a spotlight on the number of children dying due to a lack of food every day. But the figure is probably even higher.
Business Day2017-08-25
SA’s health system needs to grow its management capacity to correct the disjuncture between infrastructure and financial planning, says a report by the Health Systems Trust.
This financial year health expenditure will increase by a mere 1.1%. By next year it will be just 0.8%, and in 2018/19 there will be an actual cut in spending.
Daily Maverick2017-08-23
While state-owned enterprises get frequent billion-rand bailouts and state corruption may have cost R100-billion, the public health sector is under massive pressure to cut costs – and this is threatening healthcare. HEALTH-E’s KERRY CULLINAN reports.
Business Day2017-08-23
SA’s cash-strapped economy translates into the government spending less per person on health, with doctors’ and nurses’ posts being frozen‚ requiring permission from the Treasury and provincial leaders to be filled.
Illnesses like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure need stronger prevention and community-based programmes.
The fight against drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) has implications for HIV/Aids as up to 60% of TB patients are co-infected with HIV.
South Africa is one of the world’s largest users of female condoms.
SOUTH Africa’s health woes cannot be ignored or sugar-coated. The latest annual health review, published by the Health Systems Trust, confirms this.
The South African2017-08-25
After a decade where SA's life expectancy soared, a weak economy could set it all back
Death threats and intimidation drove one man to leave the country after exposing crumbling conditions within the province’s health system.
Health-e News2018-02-01
Teen pregnancies have dropped, while our cure rate for tuberculosis (TB) is the highest in a decade.
Health-e News2018-02-05
Twenty three years after South Africa’s first democratic elections, many Eastern Cape residents still live in dire poverty – held hostage as much by incompetent officials as corrupt ones. Is there any political will to turn the country’s poorest municipal
Daily Maverick2018-02-06
Day Zero is fast approaching in Cape Town and the people of Cape Town are angry. Outraged even. Had I not witnessed what I had in the Eastern Cape last week, I may be outraged too. Instead, I reflect that outrage is yet another form of privilege.
Herald Live2018-02-08
Bay has one of the highest rates in SA but hospital staff shortages ‘not a factor’.
The Citizen2018-02-27
The Citizen News
Daily Sun2017-12-11
Daily Sun2017-11-27
Daily Sun2017-11-20
Daily Sun2017-11-13
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